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Get inspired as musicians dig deep into the creative process of songwriting and reveal their intimate thoughts in a series based on the hit podcast.

Season 1

S01E01 Alicia Keys 3 Hour Drive
Far from her newborn son, Alicia Keys collaborates with Sampha, who has just lost his mother. Together, they give a longing melody life.

S01E02 Lin-Manuel Miranda Wait For It
In his quest to capture Aaron Burr's voice, Lin-Manuel Miranda finds his lines on the subway. Many breathless choruses later, can he relate to Burr?

S01E03 R.E.M. Losing My Religion
No obvious chorus plus a lead mandolin and handclaps equals the least likely chart-topper of the '90s. R.E.M. looks back at the life-changing track.

S01E04 Ty Dolla $ign LA
Ty Dolla $ign pens a verse in minutes, picks up multiple instruments and brings in Kendrick Lamar and Brandy for this moving love song to his city.


Season 2 

S02E01 Dua Lipa Love Again
When a bad breakup spills into the studio, Dua Lipa finds release in high-drama strings, throwback analog synths and memories of her parents' faves.

S02E02 The Killers When You Were Young
Eager to beat the sophomore album slump, the Killers dusted off three chords to capture their desert home of Las Vegas — and mine for pop anthem gold.

S02E03 Nine Inch Nails Hurt
Broken-down sounds, damaged vocals and naked emotion make a chilling coda to a blockbuster LP as Trent Reznor talks about transforming pain into art.

S02E04 Natalia Lafourcade Hasta La Raíz
After stepping back from stardom, Natalia Lafourcade rediscovers her roots, which are planted deep in Veracruz and the rhythm of huapango folk music.