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  1. Time Beat/Ray Cathode (excerpt)
  2. George Martin: Growing up with a piano
  3. Chopin/Prelude in C Minor/George Martin (excerpt)
  4. George Martin: Becoming head of Parlophone Records
  5. Mozart Serenade in E Flat Major/London Baroque Ensemble
  6. George Martin: Producing comedy
  7. Peter Sellers Sings George Gershwin/Peter Sellers
  8. The Sheik of Araby/The Beatles (excerpt)
  9. George Martin: meeting the Beatles
  10. Love Me Do (EMI audition)/The Beatles (excerpt)
  11. George Martin: More on the Beatles and George Harrison's infamous comment
  12. Love Me Do/The Beatles
  13. Paul McCartney: The early sessions
  14. P.S. I Love You/The Beatles
  15. George Martin: Please Please Me
  16. Please Please Me/The Beatles
  17. From Me To You/The Beatles
  18. George Martin: John & Paul's songwriting skills
  19. I Want To Hold Your Hand/The Beatles
  20. George Martin: Gerry & The Pacemakers
  21. How Do You Do It/The Beatles (excerpt)
  22. How Do You Do It/Gerry & The Pacemakers
  23. George Martin: Billy J. Kramer
  24. From A Window/Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas
  25. You Can't Do That/The Beatles
  26. George Martin: His role in earlier songs like "Can't Buy Me Love"
  27. Can't Buy Me Love/The Beatles
  28. Ringo's Theme (This Boy)/George Martin & His Orchestra
  29. George Martin: Peter Sellers covers the Beatles
  30. A Hard Day's Night/Peter Sellers
  31. George Martin: Classical music critic, William Mann
  32. Yesterday/The Beatles
  33. In My Life/The Beatles
  34. George Martin: Instrumentation
  35. Tomorrow Never Knows/The Beatles
  36. For No One/The Beatles
  37. George Martin: Backwards vocals on "Rain"
  38. Rain/The Beatles
  39. George Martin: when the Beatles came off the road
  40. A Day in the Life/The Beatles
  41. George Martin: The Beatles' studio experimentation
  42. Strawberry Fields Forever/The Beatles (orchestral mixdown)
  43. George Martin: "Penny Lane" versus "Strawberry Fields Forever"
  44. Penny Lane/The Beatles
  45. George Martin: Five-person partnership
  46. Piggies/The Beatles
  47. George Martin: John & Paul
  48. Glass Onion/The Beatles
  49. Yellow Submarine/The Beatles (excerpt)
  50. George Martin: Scoring "Yellow Submarine"
  51. Pepperland/George Martin & His Orchestra
  52. George Martin: "Let It Be" versus "Abbey Road" sessions
  53. You Never Give Me Your Money/The Beatles
  54. George Martin: Medleys and individual songs
  55. Come Together/The Beatles
  56. George Martin: Neglecting George Harrison's contributions
  57. Here Comes The Sun/The Beatles
  58. George Martin: After the Beatles' breakup
  59. Live & Let Die/Paul McCartney & Wings
  60. George Martin: Producing America
  61. Sister Golden Hair/America
  62. George Martin: Working with Jeff Beck
  63. Diamond Dust/Jeff Beck
  64. Take It Away/Paul McCartney
  65. Paul McCartney: Working with George Martin again in the '80s
  66. Eleanor Rigby/Eleanor's Dream/Paul McCartney with George Martin
  67. George Martin: "The Beatles Anthology"
  68. I'm Looking Through You ("Anthology" version)/The Beatles
  69. A Beginning/George Martin (excerpt)
  70. Earl Spencer: Addressing Princess Diana's memorial service
  71. Elton John: Diana's search for love
  72. George Martin: Producing Elton's remake of "Candle In The Wind"
  73. Candle in the Wind '97/Elton John (excerpt)
  74. George Martin: Recruiting his favorite characters for his 1998 "retirement" album
  75. I am the Walrus/Jim Carrey
  76. George Martin: Phil Collins
  77. Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End/Phil Collins
  78. While My Guitar Gently Weeps ("LOVE" version)/The Beatles
  79. Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, George Martin, Giles Martin: The Cirque du Soleil project and the "LOVE" album
  80. Hey Jude/Sgt. Pepper (Reprise)/The Beatles ("LOVE" version)

(138 mins.)