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The former AC/DC front man meets some of the biggest names in rock 'n' roll to share their experiences of going on tour around the world.

Roger Daltrey

AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson meets some of rock'n'roll's biggest names to share stories about what life is really like on the road. First up is The Who's Roger Daltrey. (S01E01)

Lars Ulrich

Brian Johnson heads to San Rafael, California, to meet Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, who shares candid stories from his band's legendary Wherever We May Roam tour. (S01E02)

Nick Mason

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason gives Brian Johnson a tour of his car collection in the Cotswolds and reveals the secrets behind his band's elaborate live shows. (S01E03)


Brian Johnson heads to New York to meet his old friend Sting, who reflects on The Police's humble beginnings, his rise to fame, the band's break up and his pre-show rituals. (S01E04)

Joe Elliott

Brian Johnson heads to Dublin to meet Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott, who reflects on their Pyromania and Hysteria tours and the tragedies that befell them along the way. (S01E05)

Robert Plant

In the final episode of the series, Brian Johnson meets Led Zeppelin lead singer and lyricist Robert Plant to discuss some of the English rock band's most memorable tours. (S01E06)

Dolly Parton

AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson meets up with famous friends to discuss their biggest tours, and the glory and grind of life on the road. First up is Dolly Parton. (S02E01)

Billy Joel

Brian meets legend Billy Joel, whose tours have been among the highest grossing in history, as he takes a look at the heady highs and major lows of life on the road. (S02E02)

Mark Knopfler

Brian Johnson talks sell-out tours and life on the road with Dire Straits legend Mark Knopfler. (S02E03)

Mick Fleetwood

Brian Johnson meets up with Mick Fleetwood to discuss the heady highs and major lows of 50 years' worth of tours with Fleetwood Mac. (S02E04)

Joe Walsh

Brian Johnson swaps road stories with rock guitar great Joe Walsh, who's got plenty of tales to tell of life on tour with James Gang and The Eagles. (S02E05)

Paul Rodgers

Brian Johnson gets together with Paul 'The Voice' Rodgers who's had successful solo tours as well as stints on the road with Queen, Jeff Beck and Bad Company. (S02E06)