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A chance encounter between charismatic actress Lana Clarkson and legendary music producer Phil Spector ended in a fatal shooting that forever warped his legacy. How could one of the most important figures in 20th century pop music also be a monster? This four-part docuseries peels back the layers of one of Hollywood’s most tragic crimes to paint a more human portrait of Lana Clarkson and the deeply disturbed man convicted of her murder. 

Episode 1: To Know Him Was To Love Him

A frantic 911 call reporting the shooting of a woman brings police to an LA mansion belonging to eccentric, legendary music producer Phil Spector. The woman is actress Lana Clarkson, and Spector claims she committed suicide. Detectives investigate Clarkson’s rocky relationship with Hollywood looking for a suicide motive, but Spector’s long-running reputation for volatility throws suspicion on him. (00:52:08)

Episode 2: California Dreams

As Phil Spector’s success grew, so did his paranoia. He became increasingly erratic, controlling and volatile, hindering his career. Meanwhile, Lana Clarkson’s star rose. After making a startling discovery in Spector’s castle, detectives become convinced Clarkson’s death was a homicide. (00:49:39)

Episode 3: A House of Blues

Lana Clarkson struggled to secure new roles as she entered her 40s. Concurrently, Phil Spector returned to the Hollywood spotlight. The two stars collided at the House of Blues where Clarkson took a job as a hostess, and the night ended in her tragic death. Spector faces trial for murder and professes his innocence to the public, making it difficult to find unbiased jurors. The prosecution presents witnesses who testify to Spector’s violent behavior while the defense relies on the lack of physical evidence. (00:52:11)

Episode 4: How Will You Remember Me?

Lana Clarkson’s murder case ends in a mistrial when the jury can’t reach a unanimous decision, devastating her family. However, a second trial with a new jury ends in Spector’s conviction and the iconic music producer would himself die behind bars. In the wake of his death, those left behind question Phil Spector’s legacy. (00:54:44)