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Episode 1
What’s Happening? (00:49:43)
As the unrest of the ’60s evolves into a new decade, musicians like Marvin Gaye and John Lennon become the conscience of the culture. 

Episode 2
End of the Acid Dream (00:42:20)
Sly Stone, The Rolling Stones, and Jim Morrison retreat from the world—but there’s no escape from the growing epidemic of hard drugs. 

Episode 3
Changes (00:47:03)
New sounds and styles emerge following The Beatles’ breakup, with Marc Bolan and Alice Cooper bringing glam to the world. 

Episode 4
Our Time Is Now (00:45:33)
Carole King and Joni Mitchell smash sexist boundaries and record iconic albums. Elton John and Lou Reed explore queer music and culture.

Episode 5
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (00:46:30)
America is convulsed by deep racial unrest. Curtis Mayfield, The Last Poets, and Gil Scott-Heron write about a revolution that feels imminent.

Episode 6
Exile (00:42:38)
Drugs, drink, and debauchery reach a devastating peak—yet Sly Stone, The Rolling Stones, and Jim Morrison produce some of their best music.

Episode 7
Respect (00:44:13)
James Brown, Ike and Tina Turner, and the artists at Stax Records make music on their own terms despite working in an industry rife with racism.

Episode 8 - Series Finale
Starman (00:46:10)
With reggae and synthesizers on the rise, a range of artists—from Iggy Pop and Lou Reed to Alice Cooper—inspire a creative triumph.