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Hailed as a monumental achievement, the series traces the influence, history, and cultural impact of popular music and features innumerable giants.

Starring: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Bing Crosby, Hoagy Carmichael, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger, Dizzie Gillespie, Richard Rogers, Bob Marley, Charles Aznevour, Miles Davis.

Directed by Tony Palmer

S01:E01 - Introduction
Tony Palmer introduces his landmark series.

S01:E02 - Gods Children: The Beginnings
Tony Palmer explores the link between African music and modern American pop.

S01:E03 - I Can Hypnotise Dis Nation Ragtime
Ragtime holds an unexpectedly profound place in the history of music, and it can be said to have laid the cornerstone of American popular music.

S01:E04 - Jungle Music Jazz
Widely misunderstood and often maligned by lovers of pop music, this episode explores the links between Jazz and American popular music.

S01:E05 - Who's That Comin' Blues
Unquestionably American, pop music has a profound debt to blues. This episode explores the tumultuous history of blues from its New Orleans origins to its current state.

S01:E06 - Rude Songs Vaudeville and Music Hall
With in depth interviews with musical giants such as Liberace, the garish history of Vaudeville music is explored along with its place in popular culture today.

S01:E07 - Always Chasing Rainbows: Tin Pan Alley
The commodification of music is a contentious issue for listeners and creators. This episode explores the commercialization of music, and the influence of capitalism on the current state of music.

S01:E08 - Diamonds as Big as the Ritz: The Musical
The modern American musical - in film form or on stage - borrows and expands on many genres. A musical and narrative performance full of spectacular showmanship, the musical's place in history is explored in this episode.

S01:E09 - Swing That Music Swing
Tony Palmer explores the slippery origins of swing music in this episode of All You Need Is Love: A History Of Popular Music.

S01:E10 - Good Times Rhythm and Blues
The raw honesty and danceable beats of rhythm and blues drew executives by the flock. During segregation in America, this form has a fascinating and intensely influential relationship with white American pop culture.

S01:E11 - Making Moonshine Country Music
Maligned by the rock and pop industries, country music nonetheless command a place in the history of popular music. From the settlement of the west to the powerhouse of Nashville, this episode explores its deep and compelling history.

S01:E12 - Go Down Moses Songs of War and Protest
Youth and rebellion are inextricably linked to rock music of the 60s. More than a aesthetic, its music has a strong influence over culture and politics. In this powerful episode, Tony Palmer explores the role of music as protest, and propaganda.

S01:E13 - Hail Hail Rock N Roll Rock N Roll
With a wide array of influences, rock and roll often evades definition. It's influence however, cannot be denied, sparking fiery debate from its inception. Featuring Jerry Lee Lewis, Conway Twitty, and Elvis Presley.

S01:E14 - Mighty Good the Beatles
No musical group has had as profound an impact on pop music as The Beatles. Tony Palmer's groundbreaking documentary gives us an intimate look at one of the most influential groups in musical history.

S01:E15 - All Along the Watchtower: Sour Rock
Tony Palmer takes us through the riots, the power, the inspiration, and the chaos of The Rolling Stones era music and the infamous San Francisco concert at the Fillmore.

S01:E16 - Whatever Gets You Through the Night: Glitter Rock
Tony Palmer takes us through the riots, the power, the inspiration, and the chaos of The Rolling Stones era music and the infamous San Francisco concert at the Fillmore.

S01:E17 - Imagine New Directions
David Bowie, Kiss, Elton John - with these musical giants came a transformation of rock and roll. Slick costumes, garish theatricality, and extensively produced sounds contrast the raw sounds that had previously dominated the airwaves.