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In the four-part series Black Pop: Celebrating the Power of Black Culture, the contributions of Black Americans in television, movies, sports, and film are documented. The series will cover all genres of pop culture and entertainment - celebrating music from the gospel roots of Mahalia Jackson to the Motown sound, the 50th anniversary of hip-hop, Black culture's indisputable impact on fashion, television trailblazers from Diahann Carroll to Oprah Winfrey, sports legends like Sugar Ray Leonard and Laila Ali, the evolution of Black films and the pivotal talents that paved the way - all creating a cultural legacy that set the tone.

01. Black Pop: Music
Black music has always been the heartbeat of America. However, its significance extends beyond dope beats and fun rhymes as it links to a rich history and tells a story of freedom. From the soulful era of Motown to the artistry of pop star royalty and more than 50 years of hip-hop, this episode explores how Black music shapes culture globally and tells the entire story of Black America's hope, triumphs and unity. (00:42:49)

02. Black Pop: Television
Although the impact of the Black experience on TV is undeniable, it took a beat to get there. This episode looks at that journey through the comedy gold in classics such as "Good Times" and "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," the brilliance of "Living Single," "Scandal," "Insecure," "Pose" and the modern-day laughs of "Abbott Elementary." It's a joyful celebration of Black America's unapologetic presence on the small screen and the road to authentic representation. (00:42:49)

03. Black Pop: Sports
The ability of the Black athlete to impress and impact pop culture is unmatched, leaving no doubt as to why the likes of Stephen Curry, Sugar Ray Leonard, Laila Ali, and Allyson Felix have been crowned with GOAT status. From breaking barriers to setting trends and negotiating deals, this episode delves into how Black athletes not only shape culture for all of America, but how they shift it too. (00:42:49)

04. Black Pop: Film
From the start, Black people have helped shape American cinema. Although it wasn't always easy, cinematic giants like Will Packer, cult classics such as "Waiting to Exhale," "Set it Off," "Friday" and even daring films like "Get Out" have found a way to make audiences laugh and think. This episode examines how Black excellence on the big screen has become a dominant force in pop culture, leaving an indisputable impact. (00:42:49)