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“Arena” is a BBC documentary television program that has been on the air since 1975. 

With over 600 episodes produced to date, the show has showcased a wide range of important cultural landmarks and icons. In 1980, the show's producers decided to present a group that had recently exploded into the music scene: DIRE STRAITS.

This hour-long documentary first aired on December 22, 1980. Arena cameras were on hand to film the return of Dire Straits from their triumphant 1980 Brothers in Arms world tour. The film features a superb concert they played at The Rainbow, and band members talk about their music and the pressures and the consequences of success.

The Live tracks were recorded on December 21, 1979 at the Rainbow Theater in London, England. Rehearsals took place at the Whood Wharf studio in London as well, between March 4-7, 1980, as well as interviews Less than a year later, before the recording sessions for "Making Movies" ended (after Mark admitted that he wished they would continue indefinitely), David would leave the band, never to return. (00:58:18)