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One record company has been a constant presence in popular music throughout our lives. 
EMI brought the Beatles to the world and in every decade since has been instrumental in producing some of Britain's most celebrated and enduring music. 
But behind the success lay a very British institution often at odds with the music it released. It had to come to terms with psychedelia, face punk head on and find huge sums of money to feed the excesses of the 1980's. 
Interviews with EMI artists including members of Queen, Pink Floyd, the Sex Pistols and Pet Shop Boys reveal how their demands for more and more control ultimately led to drastic changes at EMI. Former EMI employees share the gossip and goings-on in an industry infamous for its extravagance.
The British music industry is world renowned. It has produced decades of memorable music that has reached all corners of the globe. EMI has always been at the forefront and has left an indelible mark on our culture forever.
Plus the DVD special bonus feature: