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The story of Loretta Lynn is pure American dream - literally from log cabin to the White House, from a backwoods mining village in eastern Kentucky to receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Barack Obama. At the age of 83, still in her prime, she looks back over her long, extraordinary life and the songs she has sung and written; songs about drinking, cheating and the hearts and minds of hard working women.

This is a family saga. Loretta's twin daughters Patsy and Peggy and her son Ernest Ray recall their sometimes painful, sometimes hilarious life with their superstar mother and their late father 'Doolittle' Lynn, the outrageous, legendary inspiration for many of her biggest hits. Granddaughters Tayla and Emmy Rose bring the story up to date. All of them are performers in their own right.

Loretta is no stranger to controversy: in 1975 her song The Pill was banned all over the USA until it became a monster hit and headline news. She's never been afraid to say exactly what she thinks, the very essence of direct, down to earth country. She became the darling of the TV chat show circuit and in 1978 her life was celebrated in the Oscar winning film Coal Miner's Daughter. Today she reigns supreme as the undisputed Queen of Country music.

Arena tells her story. Willie Nelson recalls their making it in Nashville around the same time in the 60s; collaborator Jack White analyses her song writing and Sissy Spacek, who won an Oscar for her portrayal of Loretta and who calls her 'my sister', talks about Loretta herself and the impact she has made. Other contributors include Garth Brooks, Sheryl Crow, John Carter Cash, Michael Apted and of course, her fans. (01:27:38)