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One by one the extraordinary, exhilarating stories of each of The Rolling Stones are vividly told with exclusive interviews from the band and a stellar cast of rock stars. (HD 1080p/5.1 Surround/Dolby Digital Plus)

Mick Jagger (00:59:06)

Mick Jagger has spent 60 years as front man for The Rolling Stones. In this documentary, he talks exclusively about his life in the band, from his first performances in local teenage parties to his creation of a stage persona that has defined the rock 'n' roll lead singer, making Jagger a global icon and musical visionary. 

Featuring vivid archive footage from his astonishing career, a rich soundtrack of Stones classic tracks and interviews with a stellar cast of musicians and those close to the band.

Keith Richards (00:59:10)

Keith Richards has lived a life of legend and in this documentary he talks exclusively about his 60-year career as the lead guitar player in The Rolling Stones. 

Richards’s brilliance as a songwriter and performer, along with his defiant hedonism, have made him a cultural hero to millions and helped to shape the whole idea of what rock 'n' roll means. 

The film features vivid archive of Richards’s extraordinary career, a soundtrack full of his classic riffs, and interviews with a stellar cast of musical idols.

Ronnie Wood (00:59:09)

Ronnie Wood is a cultural icon, guitar hero, artist and the living embodiment of the vibrancy of British-born rock 'n' roll. In this documentary, Ronnie talks exclusively about his career in music and his life as a Rolling Stone, with its exhilarating highs and sometimes dangerous lows. 

Through vivid archive footage, brilliant music and interviews with a stellar cast of musicians, the film reveals how he binds the band together through his musical virtuosity and his irresistible, positive personality. 

Charlie Watts (00:59:09)

Here a stellar cast of musicians describe Charlie’s brilliance as a drummer and his influence of rock music. Through vivid archive and a soundtrack of classic Stones tracks the film explores the unique personality of a man who always had mixed feelings about the excess that came with his life as a Rolling Stone.