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Sun Records explores the legacy of music industry icon Sam Phillips, who forever transformed the pop culture landscape as he took creative legends under his wing in the earliest days of their careers.

S1E1 706 Union
Sam Phillips opens a recording studio in Memphis, Tennessee while young Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash grapple with their relationships at home. (00:41:40)

S1E2 Outta The Groove
Johnny ships off to basic training, cousins Jerry Lee Lewis and Jimmy Swaggart try the piano, Sam records B.B. King and hides an affair, and Elvis faces backlash for going to a Black church. (00:45:33)

S1E3 Record Man Blues
Sam's record business struggles after he fails to record a follow-up hit with Ike Turner's band, and manager Colonel Tom Parker's shady business schemes are exposed. (00:44:33)

S1E4 Never Better
Sam considers a radical procedure to curb his anxiety and addictions, Elvis tries to salvage his relationship with Trixie, and Jerry Lee and Jimmy compete for the same girl. (00:45:32)

S1E5 Rising Sun
Sam finds another hit, Elvis records his first song, Johnny takes the next step with his girlfriend, and Becky's reveal prevents Sam and Marion from going public with their relationship. (00:44:32)

S1E6 Who They Were Meant To Be
Elvis goes on tour with Sam and Marion to promote his new record, Colonel Parker pays a heavy price for his gambling habit, and Jerry Lee's wandering eye upsets his new wife. (00:44:33)

S1E7 No Favors Here
Married life continues to dissatisfy unfaithful Jerry Lee and dad-to-be Sam, Johnny reunites with Vivian, and Elvis's live shows reveal that his star power attracts devoted female fans. (00:44:33)

S1E8 Finishing School
Facing financial pressure, Sam considers selling Elvis's contract, Johnny performs live with a new band, Jerry Lee's married life takes a wild turn, and Carl Perkins shows up at Sun Records. (00:44:02)