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They shook the world. They changed the course of history. They are much more than just a rock group; they are a part of our lives. The Beatles: A Long & Winding Road, is the incredible story of the world's enduring love affair with four lads from Liverpool who became the soundtrack for a generation.

Episode 1 - There Are Places I Remember (1940-1958)

Amidst the devastation of World War II, four boys from Liverpool were born to humble and impoverished beginnings. In this episode, we explore the birthplaces of each Beatle and the circumstances that shaped their early lives through their famously rebellious teenage years. (00:52:23)

Episode 2 - One and One and One Is Three (1958-1960)

This episode delves into the formative years of The Beatles' exponentially booming success, from 1958 to 1960. During this time, the young men honed their crafts en route to becoming the biggest band of all time. (00:52:21)

Episode 3 - Hamburg and Herr Epstein (1960-1962)

Experience The Beatles' ascent to fame from their pivotal gigs, barely scraping by, through their being discovered by the manager who would change their lives - and world history - forever. Brian Epstein acts as an exemplar and standard for talent managers, having taken The Beatles from humble beginnings to international stardom within a matter of years. (00:52:26)

Episode 4 - Beatlemania (1963-1966)

Experience the gritty details of the iconic Beatles chronology during their middle years and the uncontested status they achieved as objectively the biggest band in the world. While many of The Beatles' friends and family members knew that the band would be big, they weren't prepared for the men to redefine what "big" meant. (00:52:19)

Episode 5 - Love, Litigation, and Let It Be (1967-Present)

Explore the final years of The Beatles: the highs, lows, and everything in between that would ultimately culminate in the beloved group's dissolution. The exploding popularity of the Beatles can be analyzed as a necessary phenomenon, a group that mutated into something that they once weren't, acting as a catalyst to get certain issues moving and progress as a whole, persevering long after their disbandment. (00:52:18)