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The Beatles Anthology is the Grammy Award winning miniseries that tells, in the Beatles' own words, the dramatic and astonishing story of the most influential band in rock history.

The series charts the official history of the Beatles from their earliest days in Liverpool up to the break up of the group in 1970. Using a mixture of archive footage, home movies, never before seen concert footage and unheard studio tracks, together with interviews with the Beatles themselves, the Anthology invites you as John Lennon would say 'into the eye of the hurricane'.

The Beatles Anthology One - July '40 to March '63
Among the topics, The Beatles discuss in this episode are: their childhoods, their early musical influences, how they met, their time in Hamburg, and their early recordings. (01:18:52)

The Beatles Anthology Two - March '63 to February '64
Focuses on the group's first tours and television appearances in their native UK, and how it lead to "Beatlemania" and popularity abroad. (01:11:43)

The Beatles Anthology Three - February '64 to July '64
The Beatles become just as successful in the US, as in the UK, when they hit #1 on the US charts. This leads to a tour of America, appearances on "The Ed Sullivan Show", and starring in the feature film "A Hard Day's Night". (01:12:55)

The Beatles Anthology Four - August '64 to August '65
Beatlemania continues as Paul's new song diverges from the Rock 'n' Roll genre. Individual traits become more clear whilst clean cut images are maintained. The band reflects on marijuana usage and political recognition during this time. (01:10:33)

The Beatles Anthology Five - August '65 to July '66
They review their performance and people reaction at the Shea Stadium show and their trip to Japan. At that time, they were experimenting: in drugs usage, and also in music. Rubber Soul and Revolver albums are expressions of that. (01:11:47)

The Beatles Anthology Six - July '66 to June '67
The band takes a new direction after a series of backlashes against the group leads them to stop touring and focus their time on the studio. (01:10:48)

The Beatles Anthology Seven - June '67 to July '68
In this part, they review topics like their trip to India with Maharishi guru, Brian Epstein's death, the Apple business expansion, the Yellow Submarine movie and finally the relationship between John and Yoko Ono. (01:13:39)

The Beatles Anthology Eight - July '68 to the End
There is a revision of the two last years of the band with the recording process of Abbey Road and Let it Be, the changes in Apple Records, and the concert in the rooftop. (01:21:58)