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A historical exploration of black American Blues music.

Episode 1 of 4

First transmitted in 1979, Alexis Korner delves into the soulful world of traditional black American Blues music. Exploring its origins and reviewing unique footage of acclaimed Blues artists including Sonny Blake, Sam Chatmon, Houston Stackhouse and Booker White. (00:24:53)

Episode 2 of 4

First transmitted in 1979. Blues music was also often sung by travelling singers on the American music circuit. Performers such as Laura Dukes captivated on-the-road audiences, and similar Blues performers were also frequently featured in travelling minstrel shows. Alexis Korner continues in his exploration into the soulful world of American Blues music, discovering that Blues songs were often based on the singers' home town. (00:24:07)

Episode 3 of 4

First transmitted in 1979, Alexis Korner looks back at the historical origins of Blues music. He discovers that although there are subtle undertones of protest against African American oppression, these are not direct. The deeper significance of the Blues lies in its deep symbolic message of togetherness and acknowledgement of a shared experience. (00:24:16)

Episode 4 of 4

First transmitted in 1979, the last of four programs exploring American Blues music. Alexis Korner focuses on electric Blues and Rhythm and Blues - the form that has generally become know as Chicago Blues. (00:24:27)