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This extended edition of The Record Producers profiles a man often labelled "The Fifth Beatle" - Sir George Martin. Richard Allinson and Steve Levine examine his work as a producer, arranger and, through his experiments with sound, technical innovator.

Highlights include the first chance to hear the newly restored version of the original master tapes for Please Please Me, a close up look at both Martin's orchestration for She's Leaving Home and the recording of A Day In The Life. Steve Levine also recreates the mellotron part from the opening of Strawberry Fields forever.

The program also contains examples of a recent technological development that gives listeners the opportunity to hear some of the Beatles most famous songs in a new way. Because of the limitations of tape machines during the 1960s, it was necessary to either record or mix various instruments and voices onto the same track. Once they'd been committed to tape there was no way of separating them. But now, through the use of revolutionary software, there's the chance to hear some of these parts in isolation for the very first time.

But the undoubted highlight of the program is the in-depth look at the eight track recording of Come Together. In his exclusive interview, Sir George talks about various aspects of the studio and recording process, the albums Sgt. Pepper and Abbey Road, along with a number of songs, including Strawberry Fields Forever, Tomorrow Never Knows and Rain. (120 mins.)