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Oscar and Grammy Award-winning producer and artist Mark Ronson explores the intersection of technology and musical innovation with his heroes and fellow hitmakers – including Paul McCartney, DJ Premier, Charli XCX, Dave Grohl and Questlove.


E01 · Auto-Tune
Mark Ronson, T-Pain, and Charli XCX break down auto-tune, AKA `robot sadness', the musical accident that evolved into an empowering game changer.

E02 · Sampling
The debate rages on as to whether sampling is tribute or theft, but for many artists, one thing is clear: whatever they do, it better be funky. Mark Ronson, Paul McCartney, and DJ Premier dig in.

E03 · Reverb
Working with Amy Winehouse kicked off Mark Ronson's emotional journey with reverb. Today, Ronson travels around the world to unearth its infinite potential.

E04 · Synthesizers
Mark Ronson celebrates the innovators and outsiders who have harnessed the power of synthesizers. Kevin Parker from Tame Impala shares his love for synthesized sound. 

E05 · Drum Machines
"GIMME A BEAT!" From the revolutionary Linn drum to the eventual top-dog 808, Mark and Too $hort track the evolution of the machines that led to hip-hop.

E06 · Distortion
Mark Ronson and Santigold talk distortion, the rebellious sound of breaking the rules, and explore the pioneers who used it to disrupt culture.